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Make Money Without Leaving the House

Prior to my era of unemployment, I rarely ransacked my own home in search of scattered change. Poverty is appalling and I refuse to give up my morning latte, so recently I embarked on full-fledged coin purge of my apartment.

I’ve listed my apartments coin refuges ranked in order of most-to-least lucrative:

  1. Couch cushions ($$$).
  2. Around the washing machine–particularly if you have roommates ($$)
  3. In the backs of desk drawers ($).
  4. Behind dressers ($).
  5. Under rugs ($).
  6. In old bags, purses, backpacks ($).
  7. In the pockets of seasonal clothes ($).

This money affords me any number of things: Coffee, stamps, shares of Citibank stock, or a small bouquet of flowers as an apology to my wife who caught me digging through the pockets of her ski coat.


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