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There Is Money To Be Found Everywhere

Free money can be found anywhere people take their hands out of their pockets or purses. An errant quarter springs from the pocket while retrieving car keys. The rush to find exact change in a coin purse causes a few pennies to spill onto the floor.

Human beings, particularly those with steady employment, are incredibly lazy. The mere thought of reaching down for a dropped nickel is itself tiring. Your willingness to bend your back, extend your arms and pick up the abandoned change could become a mildly lucrative revenue stream.

Good places include under and around:

  1. Vending machines and arcade games
  2. Parking Meters
  3. Salvation Army donation tins
  4. Curbs where cars are parked
  5. Cashier counter at shops and restaurants
  6. Drive-thru windows
  7. Stamp machines at post offices
  8. Mobile food retailers (hot dog stands, taco trucks, espresso carts, etc.)
  9. Roller coasters that turn upside down.
  10. At the entrance to buildings where people take out their keys.

Now if you are willing to throw your dignity completely to the wolves, you can also try:

  1. Wishing wells/fountains
  2. Between the cushions of couches placed on the curb
  3. Purses and clothing pockets at garage sales
  4. The sticky floor of your neighborhood peep booth.

If you’re willing to try those, then you probably won’t mind searching for loose change in the ball pit at your local Chuckecheese or fast food play-area. Spoiled children, fat on cotton candy and corn dogs tend to lose change while playing in the ball pit. The challenge is entering the pit yourself, nonchalantly, without attracting notice, and snorkeling for dimes and pennies without someone mistaking you for a pedophile. Good luck!


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